A flash of winter light

I was trying to leave the house. I roved back and forth from room to room to recruit hat, gloves, rucksack, keys, coat, a large box of recycling to dispose of on my way up the street. Sometimes I have nightmares about not being able to leave the house, stuck in an endless gathering of things and keys and clothing. Anyway, on this day in my real, awake life, right at the point of triumph, just as I’d heaved the rucksack onto my back, the gloves onto my hands, the hat onto my head, the recycling into my arms, the keys in my hand, just as I thought that the wicked old universe had finally aligned its ambitions to mine, a sly slant of winter light flashed through the window and lit up an old metal jug that contained a spray of dried seedheads.


Down went the recycling, the gloves, the keys, the ambition to leave on time. Winter light never stays long, and it never comes back to the same place again.

My camera was nearby (occasionally it pays to be untidy). Already the light started to fade. I took my pictures, and then watched the light disappear. In no time at all it had gone.


I put down the camera. I retrieved keys, coat, gloves, recycling. I finally left the house.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and I recommend visiting her page to see what she and many other garden bloggers across the globe have found to put in a vase today.


9 thoughts on “A flash of winter light”

  1. You’ve got to seize the opportunity when it arises! I’ve been known to sit down to dinner only to jump up and run outside to catch something caught in the fading light of day, much to my husband’s considerable annoyance.

  2. Oh what an opportune moment and as Christina says it is not everybody who would have taken the opportunity to capture such a brief phemonenon. I am glad you did, so thanks for sharing it

  3. How very lovely. Glad you did put the recycling down to capture this. And I know about the wading through treacle of trying to leave the house. The winter light is indeed precious. I have been known to run outside in pyjamas and wellies to try to capture the light on the hills. So fleeting, as you say. (my last foray, on IG, was actually fully clothed for once)

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