Christmas Roses


The flowers that appear at this time of year seem so much more precious than those that appear during the abundance of summer. It’s not yet time for my favourite, the snowdrop, but the Christmas rose (Helleborus niger) is a close second on my list of appreciation. Last year I divided up my single plant to give three, and they sulked like nobody’s business for the rest of the year, only to spring forth in a multitude of white blooms this Christmas.

Any white flower would be welcome at this time of year. White flowers glow out of the darkness, and are easily appreciated from the light of a kitchen window at seven-thirty in the morning before a winter’s sunrise. They look good against a black mulch, and their delicate features belie the sturdiness with which they resist the winter storms.


A single flower of the Christmas rose looks  with the last few rescued rose buds from one of my real roses. I wish all of you, dear readers, a most merry and bright Christmas full of good cheer and all the seed catalogues that the postman can bring.

In a vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, so do visit her page to see what she and other garden bloggers across the world have put in a vase on this Christmas Eve Monday.

17 thoughts on “Christmas Roses”

  1. Oh well done on successfully dividing your H niger – and having it/them flowering at Christmas! As you say, any blooms are especially welcome at this time of year, so thank you for sharing the last of your roses as well. Good to hear from you and look forward to seeing how those plans for the front garden have worked out – my very best wishes to both of you

  2. You’ve made such a simply effective display by putting your vase with your other objects. Happy Christmas to you.

    1. Thank you Cindy – yes, these ones that appear at Christmas are so appreciated when there is little else in bloom. However, if you are growing the March-flowering ‘Lenten rose’ successfully then I have no doubt you too could grow the ‘Christmas rose’ for flowers in winter, as long as your frosts aren’t too severe.

  3. I hope that you had a good Christmas Joanna. It’s amazing just how sturdy Christmas roses are. They look fabulous both in the garden and in a vase. I like that chunky green candle.

    1. Thank you! The candle came from our local little independent grocery co-op … lots of colours available and I am keeping a close eye on their restocking of the green ones! I hope you had a good Christmas too – and a happy new year!

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