End of month view: October 2015

IMG_0282 Last weekend was one of sumptuous autumn sunshine, and I managed to sneak a day in the garden despite relatives descending upon us from all parts of the globe. And here is my End of Month View for October, taken crouching low so that the sun did not obliterate the lens, and before my mother and I blitzed the garden for a full five hours. You can still see here the cosmos, slightly less sure of itself, as is the pink heuchera on the left, though at this distance both seem in fine fettle still. The lobelia all came out after this shot was taken, to make way for new bulbs.

IMG_0283 The crazy muddle of pots I must apologise for. Here we have some delphs still not planted, some aubrieta still not planted(!), and a poor penstemon that I bought months ago and that deserves better treatment than to be left standing, ignored, in its pot all summer long. I am lucky that it has survived.

IMG_0284The beautiful trees of our avenue have been casting their golden leaves just about everywhere. No grumbling from me though; I loved gathering them up by hand and putting them in a sack for leaf mould. It was a sort of meditation, the feel and smell of them, the dampness and heaviness. I ended up with two black bin liners of leaves, whereupon I tied the tops, pronged some holes in the sides, and left them in a corner to rot down over the next year or two. As a treat I also snuck a look inside last year’s sack, which I collected from our old garden. It was just lovely stuff inside, almost soil at the bottom, but still needing more time at the top. I shall probably add it to the garden next spring.


IMG_0288And my own tree, this wee morello cherry, is also turning golden. It has been happy this year. I have just had a scour of old posts to see if it has grown much, but I don’t have many full sized shots and so it is hard to tell. The Brazilian was disappointed that it had not grown more; I think he was expecting it to have shot up to 8 foot by this stage.


IMG_0290  IMG_0292

About two weeks before this photo was taken, I planted out my biennials, which consisted of my apricot foxgloves sown from seed kindly sent to me by Julie and Peonies and Posies, and also plenty of honesty. Here is one of the foxglove seedlings settling in comfortably. I have not removed this year’s foxgloves as an experiment to see if they will give me another season next year.

IMG_0293And finally here are two pots of bulbs that I planted up. But don’t ask me what they contain; I didn’t have the time or inclination to write it all down and it shall be a lovely surprise when they come up in a couple of months’ time!

At this point I want to say a heartfelt thank you to my wonderful mother who toiled for almost a full day helping me to plant hundreds of bulbs, tear out old sweetpeas and lobelia, prune back leggy perennials, and pull up countless weeds.

End of Month View is hosted by Helen at The Patient Gardener.

11 thoughts on “End of month view: October 2015”

  1. Don’t mention it – it was a lovely afternoon. It is infinitely more therapeutic to pull up someone else’s weeds than one’s own. And I do look forward to seeing all those bulbs coming up, or at least photos of them.

    1. Why is that I wonder? (Re pulling up someone else’s weeds?) Is it maybe similar to cleaning someone else’s house – not that I do that very often it has to be said!

  2. How lovely to have some help tidying the garden. I usually write down where I plant bulbs but often lose the list! It is wonderful in the spring waiting to see what comes up where. Apricot foxgloves sound wonderful, so much nicer than pink. I now have white ones – do you fancy a seed swap next year? (OOPS – I just typed weed instead of seed! – lucky I saw that typo). Your Brunnera is looking good.

    1. Annette, I would absolutely love a seed swap next year. In fact, let me look and see if I have any apricot left over from this year. It may be a little later than ideally they would want to be planted, but they’ll probably do fine anyway? Will have a poke in the shed tomorrow!

      1. Ooh exciting! I have just had a poke around; all I could offer you is some puce coloured lychnis from a friend’s garden or some purply astrantia seeds from mine. If either are any good to you please send your address to my contact email.

  3. How lovely to have some mum/daughter time in the garden. Your garden has certainly filled out and is looking very good. I’m willing to bet your garden is going to look great come spring with all those new bulbs and those Hellebores. It will soon just be a matter of time and letting mother nature take her course.

    1. Yes, it was lovely to spend an afternoon in the garden with my mother, especially since she is an expert and I could ask her all sorts of questions as we went along rather than trying to remember them for a future phone conversation. I can’t wait to see the garden in spring. A lot of the bulbs planted by Mum will be a surprise since she was away planting in the soil while I sorted out the pots.

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