Snapped off

IMG_0012Today’s is a sad wee vase: this snapdragon stem was cruelly snapped off its mother plant in the night by the wind, or else by a student blundering through our front garden to take advantage of our high front wall after ten beers. It is more vexing given that this is the amazing miracle snapdragon that bloomed all through the summer, all through the autumn, all through the winter, and all through the spring, on and on, as though frosts, snow, short days and all other inconveniences of circannual rhythm were of piffling irrelevance in its quest for immortality.

However, though it is no longer attached to the plant this stem has now gained immortality on this blog, in this vase from the Dean Gallery which has never been used before, in the miracle of two vases on two Mondays in a row.

In a Vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden, and you can visit her page to see more wonderful arrangements in their vases today.


14 thoughts on “Snapped off”

  1. What a pretty pink! It is lucky to find immortality in such a posh vase. How is the honeysuckle you cut? Mine is not really opening and my hope of a roomful of scent is fading fast. But they are far from dead. Maybe for scent you have to cut them when already open.

  2. That’s a lovely snapdragon and vase too. My snapdragons have survived the winter in manchester too 🙂 not flowering yet though…

    1. Thank you Bec. Although our front garden is North facing, it is extremely sheltered and plants tend to do unexpectedly well there. I was most astonished that this stem bloomed – and grew! – all through the winter though.

  3. And I have had a self-seeded one which is growing between the bricks outside the front door and which has flowered off and on for about 3 years – I teased it out this week to move it to the back but it had virtually no root and hasn’t survived 😦 I have some grown from seed which I hope will be flowering soon – and continue to do so! Yours looks so elegant in this vase, which could be used a s hyacinth vase, do you think, or maybe it would have to be a smaller bulb? Thanks for sharing – again!!

    1. Interestingly the topmost flowers, those that have opened indoors, are pale, almost white, while those that opened outdoors (ie. before snapgate) are deep pink. I wonder if anyone else has experienced sun-dependent colour on flowers.

      1. Yes, it is quite normal. I notice it particularly if I cut japonica (chaenomeles), which is a strong pink outdoors, but opens white inside. It doesn’t happen with everything, of course. Red/pink seems particularly susceptible but red tulips, for example, open their proper colour if brought indoors in bud.

  4. I don’t know if it is true of snapdragons, but a number of flowers become darker in color after they are polinated. For example, the white grandiflora trillium turns a dusky pink.

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