In a vase on Monday (and on a cake on Sunday)

A vase from me is an event rarer than steak bleu: I have no flowers worth picking from my own garden, and would begrudge depleting any that I did for a vase. But I went to Derbyshire for a family Easter this weekend, and my grandmother asked me to pick flowers from her garden for the lunch table. So although these flowers were actually picked on Sunday, they were still in their vases today… all but the Double Ellen hellebores, which had collapsed like consumptive heroines come this morning.

20150405_124702I must apologise for the camera-phone quality of the photos. I foolishly left my good camera in Edinburgh, which I regretted even more when I found that the field behind the house was full of very cute lambs.

20150405_124811Apart from the Double Ellens, we have a daffodil, forsythia, camelia, and various bits of foliage from sage and pyracanthus. A real hodgepodge. None of it goes. Sorry about that. Let’s be kind and call it rustic.

20150405_151817And this beautiful carrot cake, which my mother made, is decorated with native primroses and violets from my grandmother’s garden and sits on ancient ‘Spanish Garden’ china. My grandmother very kindly allowed me to divide one of her primroses and bring it back to Edinburgh for my own garden.

20150405_124907In a vase on Monday is hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. Please visit her blog and see what other vases have been created today.

9 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday (and on a cake on Sunday)”

  1. Rustic it may be, but the S-curve of forsythia through the arrangement is VERY Constance Spry.
    The elegant but sadly crazed vase is even more ancient than the Midwinter plate, and is a piece of family history. When my grandparents celebrated their diamond wedding in 1965 their nephew – Granny’s Cousin Bill – was unable to join the party and sent flowers instead. They arrived already arranged in this vase and were an object of amazement to the whole assembled family. Such an astounding extravagance as sending a vase with the flowers was unheard of. Somewhere I have a colour slide of the arrangement with my grandmother standing proudly beside it.

  2. Lovely – I really like forsythia and daffodils. My mum used to put them together all the time. I am planning a vase using them if I have time before they are finished.

  3. I always thought hellebores were drama queens! Rustic maybe, but definitely so cute! The flowers on the cake are so pretty and spring-like too. How nice to have some of your Grandmother’s primroses in your own garden!

  4. Ahah – you say you begrudge cutting any of the few flowers in your own garden, but be warned, you will get sucked into the meme and then who knows….?! šŸ™‚ In the meantime, how lovely to have some family tales along with the little Derbyshire posy. The frilly double Ellen is especially gorgeous – I have that one but sadly she is misnamed as a yellow variety so I don’t know exactly which of the Ellen cousins she is. Hodgepodge is good, plonking is good – the joy is picking and bringing the joy inside as you clearly have done. Thanks for sharing

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