Edging, Rubble and Hedging Trouble: Resolve and Realise February 2015

cropped-img_0145.jpgThank you to Jen at Duver Diary for starting ‘Resolve and Realise‘, in which we share our gardening to-do lists for the month ahead. I do hope you’ll take part too. I have to admit that while I enjoy reading gardening memes on other people’s blogs, so far I’ve had to be realistic about joining in with them. Given the current state of my garden, there won’t be anything ‘In a Vase on Monday’ for a while to come, and the dark evenings seriously impede on my ability to produce photographic blooms for ‘Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day’. But lists are something I can join in with and even excel at, no matter how dark and miserable it is outside. Our new garden consists of piles of dirty gravel and rubble so there is no shortage of jobs to be done. I’m desperate to get it into decent form in time for summer, and these lists will be perfect for focusing the mind to the task ahead. Furthermore, being relatively new to gardening, I’m not confident about when certain gardening tasks should be done, so following the Resolve and Realise lists of more experienced gardeners will undoubtedly give me some much needed guidance. My list for February: Paint coldframe a lovely shade of white. Start compost heap, mainly for burial of privet remains (see below). Tame horrible privet hedge and rescue the wall it is attacking. Sand and paint garden bench so I have somewhere to sit and admire the bare soil. Mark out and prepare beds for planting so that eventually I have something other than bare soil to admire. Plant honeysuckle, hydrangea, hellebore, sarcococca, hosta. Sow sweetpeas in new root trainers. Buy pear tree for far corner. Lift, divide and replant crocosmia corms. IMG_0220Half the fun of lists is ticking items off. Although I did not make a Resolve and Realise post for January, I made a mental to-do list and this is what I achieved. As you’ll see, I have mainly been shopping: Buy coldframe too late for plants that the frost has already killed. Order garden edging and keep quiet about how much it cost. Paint garden shed in duplicitous shade called ‘Concord Grape’ (AKA white. Was supposed to be stone grey). Order sweetpeas and root trainers which will be the first inhabitants of the coldframe. Buy hedge trimmer. Mend the terrifying bit of wire the seller cut through and ‘soldered’ together. Remove concrete rubble (one final car load for the tip tomorrow morning). Dig out root stumps (four down, three to go).IMG_0300

3 thoughts on “Edging, Rubble and Hedging Trouble: Resolve and Realise February 2015”

  1. It’s good to have lists and even better to work our way through our objectives. I would say keep your eye on temperatures when going to do the painting, otherwise, you may not get the desired finish. There will be a recommended minimum on the tin.
    I didn’t join in with any meme until I had been blogging for over a year, I just didn’t have the confidence and like you felt as if there was little to see anyway. Good luck on getting all those jobs done.

    1. Thanks Angie… you are right about the temperatures for painting. I was hoping to paint our iron railings tomorrow but the tin says 5 degrees and that sounds positively tropical and most unlikely to occur any time soon. But the bench and coldframe are inside the flat, the former to dry off and the latter waiting to be unwrapped. So at least I can paint those.
      Yes, it’s confidence that’s definitely needed with these things!

  2. Hi Joanna, I’m so sorry I missed this post when you first posted. Thanks so much for joining in – and my, you have a long list!
    I’m sorry I’m going to be late posting this month as only just back from London, but hopefully I’ll get something posted tomorrow, so feel free to add a link there.

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