White stuff

When ordering my bulbs last autumn, I was in a minimalist, John and Yoko way of mind and decided that it would be terribly chic and classy to have only white bulbs in the garden.


As a result, our front garden is now indeed full of only white bulbs: white daffs, white tulips, white narcissi, no colour anywhere, save for a  dash of purple from a small primula planted in the glum wisdom of hindsight. It’s very dull.

IMG_0125 IMG_0124I must have been mad. Gardens aren’t for minimalism, unless you’re Japanese. I’m not Japanese, I’m English and I definitely like colourful gardens, preferably with all the colours mixed together in a countryish way.


The way to be classy and chic in a garden, I’ve realised, is to avoid having plants that look too unnatural or exotic or spiky. This is Edinburgh, not Babylon.

Anyway, lesson learnt. Next year we’re having a crayon-box technicolor spring.

Planted in glum wisdom of hindsight

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